Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2011

Time Constraints (Also: Kaya GS)

It is Thursday 10:30am and I've already amassed about 40 hours of work this week. Therefore nearly all Go related projects are put to a halt. Nevertheless, here are some quick updates:

1) I got myself a founder account for Kaya GS. I will report about Kaya as soon as it goes Alpha. As that might be tomorrow AND I will have a couple of days off (starting tomorrow evening) - I'm super excited.

2) My studies about the double low approach to the 4-4 point progressed a bit further. You can get an impression here and here (both are 'life in 19x19'-forum links).

3) I've realized that I need to wait longer before I write about stuff like the double low approach to the 4-4 point. I'm just still too weak to assess stuff precisely and quick enough. Articles about my reasearch will be rarer, but more thorough from now on. The same goes for game reviews.

4) Did I mention that I have a Kaya founder account ? :)

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