Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2012

I'm back - Status update

It's been a while since my last post, so I want to assure the few people coming along each day that I'm still here.

Here is a quick update about interesting Go-related things in my life:

1) I finally managed to cross the 12 Kyu line on Dragoon Go and there are more good games coming in soon. I feel I'm really close to reaching my first main goal in Go: Become Single Digit Kyu!

2) I'm still visiting the new Kaya Go server every day. It is awesome and I will tell you more about it very soon. 

3) I'm currently studying invasions in stones being 3 stones apart. Another topic for the blog, but that will have to wait until I reached some kind of conclusion. I realized that writng while studying leads to poor quality. That is one of the reasons why I did not write that many articles recently.

4) A guy from the Kaya server has started a petition to bring Baduk TV to the west. He needs your name and the amount of money ou would be willing to pay/month for a subscription. 

You can find out all about his Baduk TV movement here.

That's it for the day.

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