Montag, 21. November 2011

White Wall of Power

Every monday our local Go Club meets in a pub. With my strength about 14 kyu I'm the weakest player in town - and so I got completely destroyed on the board ... again ;)

I've decided to consider this a good thing. My games at Dragon Go had went extremely well the last two weeks and I got way too confident (seeing me rise to shodan within two years in the most laughable moments of self delusion). Having demonstrated to me how weak I still am is humbling, but also motivating.

However, I start to feel that I don't play as good as I could on these evenings - maybe because I play most of my games on Dragon Go and not on a real board. I also fail out of great many psychological reasons (wanting to impress, not wanting to be kicked around, not taking enough time to read positions out etc. pp.). I realize more and more that I do not just need to practice more, but also need to change my attitude when playing. I do not concentrate enough for starters.

Another example. I played black 9 knowing it is a bad idea. It screamed DO NOT PLAY ME ... and I did anyways. I think it was kind of a 'pah .. let's see what happens'-attitude mixed with laziness.

Diagram 1

I think it went on like this. Marvel at the white walls of power, pitty black (me) for his tiny, little, barely living corner territory!

Diagram 2
That's it for the day. I'm tired.

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