Sonntag, 20. November 2011

Tsumego of the day

The last time I wrote about a tsumego, I wrote about why I was able to solve it - my willingness to work through it more methodically and patiently, my increasing ability ... yadda yadda and so on and so forth ;)

Today I will show you a tsumego I failed at. I did not fail because I read something wrong, or did not see something, but because the solution just lies a few steps deeper than I was able or willing to read into it. It is, as if someone had drawn a line on the ground to mark the threshold of my abilities. I just need to cross it to become stronger.

Here it is. If you want to solve it on your own, do not expand the post before you're done with it.

Black to kill!
Diagram 1

I won't discuss all the ways I tried to solve the problem. I will just walk through the solution and comment on my failure.

Diagram 2
Black needs to connect at 3 or white plays there and gets two eyes. If black connects at 3, white can take the whole group down. As the resulting shape is not a nakade shape, I started to feel that this attempt to kill fails.

I disregarded any continuation for a while and then came back to this pattern in order to look whether I overlooked something. So let's go in deeper:

Diagram 3
This is the resulting shape after white takes with 4. On the first glance it does look alive. 

Diagram 4
If black 5, white 6 appears to build two eyes. I mentally squinted at this position for a while, but decided it's alive and went on trying other futile alternatives. Shortly after that I gave up and went to the solution. This is the line on the ground!

Diagram 5
The "secret" of course is the the eye at the bottom is false. White 8 takes on Q19 and black throws 9 in at 7 again.  Seeing it here it appears obvious now. But having it just in my mind, not being sure whether even black 1 was right, it was way more difficult. 

And that's it. In my defense I want to add on more thing: The chapter I encountered the problem in was called nakade and all other problems in it were about nakade. This one is not ;)

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